Our Homemade Specialities

Here at the guesthouse we can offer you some new culinary experiences – our cuisine is inspired by the best of our fresh local produce, combining Polynesian flavors with other cuisines. You will be sure to taste the islands’ famous taro, as well as fresh fish and a host of other tropical fruits and vegetables.
Dishes like our wahoo carpaccio, breadfruit soup, sweet potato au gratin, vanilla mahi-mahi and Creole crepes (served with our homemade vanilla ice-cream). Enjoy!

Homemade jams
In Rurutu we are lucky to have an abundance of fruits year round, so we are proud to always be able to offer you a selection of homemade jams - using grapefruit, lime, papaya, mango, banana, guava and other exotic fruits, depending on seasonal availability.

Ahi Ma'a
Saturdays on Rurutu are traditionally the day that the ahi ma'a (Tahitian oven) is prepared, ready to be opened on the Sunday. We can prepare you a traditional Rurutu meal, steamed slowly in the ahi ma'a. Menu: fish, seafood, pork cooked in taro leaves (fafa), poisson cru in coconut milk, fruit po'e, accompaniments: an assortment of taro, breadfruit, manioc, fei, umara and sweet potato, coconut milk, mitihue and taioro. Minimum 4 people, 3500 xpf/person, or 1000 xpf extra/person on the half-board accommodation options.

Rurutu Coffee
Grown, roasted, ground and enjoyed in Rurutu, it's the best choice for breakfast.

The ladies of the Austral Islands are well known for their skills in weaving mats, hats and bags from various organic fibers, including Pandanus and niau (coconut- leaf fibre).
During your stay be sure to drop in to visit the numerous 'fare artisanats' on the island, or order a made-to-measure item from our on-site artisanat. Viriamu's mother is renowned as one of the best weavers on the islands, her niau hats, in particular, are much sought after!

Various other local products and handicrafts can be found, including wood and stone carvings, Rurutu coffee and our homemade jams.